Ten Key Typing Test

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Are you up to date on your typing skills? Did you get denied for a job because your typing speed is too low? Have you ever wondered what you could do to improve your skills to gain that perfect job? Then look no further, we have the solution for you. The answer is the ten key typing test from GonnaType.com.

10 key typing

Start your future!

Let’s face it. Today’s job market requires you to have an accuracy typing with speed. It is necessary to update typing skills with data entry tests. Most jobs require data to be entered into a computer system and some need accounting abilities. Knowing how to use this kind of keyboard is essential. If you have not practiced, then you most likely won’t get the job.

Gonna Type offers free data entry KPH tests to people of all ages. Practice and analysis are completed by using a computer keyboard, calculator, adding machine or typing pad. The 10 key typing test is customized to fit each individual’s typing needs.

Ten Key Typing Test Is The Best!

With our  typing tests, learning how to type just got easier! With the use of a numeric keypad, people would need to click the start button and type in the numbers shown on the page. This begins the analysis. Once the test has started, your typing speed rate is measured. After the test is complete, individuals have the option to obtain a professional 10 Key Certification print out for verification purposes. The ten key typing test helps people to learn where to place their fingers on the keypad to begin typing. To make typing more fun, typing games is an alternative. Interactive typing games are available for your convenience.There are no more going to classes or getting bored while learning how to type? Typing apps are available through Web access from any tablet, android, computer, laptop or web phone. There are no installation, credit card, contract or software requirements. Best of all there is no special equipment to buy and no waiting. You can get started right away.

Organizations are using computers in their operations. Learning this skill is necessary for employees to keep up with new technologies. Important work tasks usually have a quick deadline that requires accuracy and speed. Most businesses depend on data entry clerks for efficiency in their operations. It is necessary for companies to hire the best person for the job, because most companies have strict work guidelines. Just to let you in on a secret; most companies recruit potential employees who possess particular job skills.

Who Will Benefit From the 10 Key Tests?

Organizations are utilizing ten key typing tests. Take a look at what jobs require good scores on the online 10 key test. You will be amazed! People and places are listed below.

  1. Schools teach students typing skills for computer assignments.
  2. Bookkeepers also utilize keypad on adding machines as well as computers.
  3. Administrative make use of the Ten Key Test to key-in time sheets, payroll or data.
  4. And much more!

Overall, the data entry typing tests listed on GonnaType are extraordinary! Anyone can use the ten key test regardless of their age. Most services are available 24 hours each day to fit any busy schedule. Throughout the training, people are able to practice and acquire news skills. Weak points will become you strongest areas. You have to get in on the action and see what everyone is raving about! Go ahead and start practicing! Boost your typing skills today and get the job or promotion you deserve!