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Looking for a website that offers professional help with data entry could be a huge pain. Gonna Type is the were all the data entry resources are in the same place. We are constantly adding new tests to our collection in order to prepare you for any situation you might find yourself into.

If there is anything missing from our collection point it out and we will expand our website according to your needs.

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With the increased reliance on electronic storage in business there is increased competition even for a data entry job. Though data entry jobs have always been entry level positions the competition for these positions has kept up with the rest of the economy. To be able to keep up with the increase in competition a variety of programs and websites have been developed to help people improve their typing skills. These programs focus on improving their words per minute, keystrokes per hour and accuracy. The ability to completely own a typing job may not seem very important to some, but people at all levels of a company need good effective typing skills and will be able to utilize these skills from the entry level positions their entire career. All of these improvements are important to getting ahead in a competitive job market.

Gonna Type is an excellent website that is dedicated to helping people improve their skills so they can compete more effectively for the few positions available. The data entry tests are completely free to use and don’t requite any specific software to be downloaded to your computer. You simply type what is shown you into a window and the program on the site can calculate accuracy and typing speed. This shows a person exactly where they are struggling and in what ways they are excelling. There is even a ten key test that is presented as a flash game. This is essential for data entry jobs that require a lot of quantities. All of these tests will help improve your typing skills and ensure that you are as competitive a candidate for the newly opening jobs as possible.