Data Entry KPH Test

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This Data Entry KPH Test will help you improve your speed typing skills. The practice test below is similar to the one usually taken by people who are trying to get a job as a 911 call taker, also known as the CritiCall Test. If you can get a high score on Gonna Type, you will definitely perform well not only on the Criti Call Test, but also on almost every type of kph data entry test.

To start the Data Entry KPH Test press the “Start Test” button!

Be careful with capital letters because this is a case-sensitive test!

The “Show errors” option will point out the typing mistakes. So you will have a clear image on your test qualification.

This is an alphanumeric test, which means you will have to type both letters and numbers. Unlinke regular tests you will find out how good you are at speed typing numbers with the ten key numeric pad or with the number keys above the letters.
Try it now and rate your alphanumeric data entry skills!

Gonna Type setting a higher standard in KPH speed typing

Data entry for 911 calls is one of the most demanding jobs out there. If you can rock this test, than you will be suited for a lot of typing jobs.

Data Entry KPH Test

Data Entry Test in KPH

We have to mention that this test is only meant for practice and you have to keep in mind that when taking the CritiCall test you will have other simultaneous tasks to do. So you will have to be careful how you will distribute your attention. But if you practice with our test long enough, you will have this part taken care of and you could focus on more difficult issues.

Keep in mind that a data entry test KPH (keystrokes per hour) is not the same thing as WPM (words per minute). If you need to make an idea on how to convert the two units in order to calculate your approximate speed, the usual standard typing conversion is 5 keystrokes per word. So 100 Data Entry KPH Test will be around 20 words.